Hardwood refinishing


Do you need hardwood refinishing?

Did you know hardwood floor refinishing can make your floors look brand new, even after years of wear and abuse? It's one of the most beneficial services available for hardwood floors, offering plenty of advantages to go with it. That being said, the first and most important part of the upgrade is determining whether your wood floors need to be refinished, and here are some facts to help.

Here's what you should know about wood floor refinishing

Sometimes, it's easy to see that our floors need refinishing, evidenced by dark discolorations, scratches, gouges, and other signs of heavy wear. In these cases, wood floor refinishing should occur as soon as possible to restore a like-new finish and years of lifespan. However, what if the need for refinishing isn't as evident, even though your hardwood flooring is decades old?

We often assess hardwood to find out if it needs refinishing, which includes a water test to consider absorption rates. Once we determine your need for hardwood floor refinishing, we can give you all the details and set up a time to start that matches your schedule. We'll take measurements and give you an estimate, but we'll also tell you about the process of sanding floors.

Sanding removes all the worn, damaged, and abused layers to reveal a fresh wood layer, to which you can add new stain color, finish, and sealant, for outstanding results. Sanding floors can take some time and may require special dust catchment for the best results, but we’ll share all these facts once we assess your situation. The whole process should take about three days, depending on various factors, so talk with us about your needs soon.



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